Vibration Monitoring is available, where required, for high risk or listed buildings.

Larsen Foundations, with our specialist low vibration piling systems, have been piling listed buildings (or structures adjacent to listed buildings) for over two decades. Recent prestigious projects include Ulster Hall, Belfast and as part of the Walled City Townscape Heritage Initiative's renovation of the Northern Counties Hotel.

Vibration Monitor & AlarmVibration monitoring on DCI jobVibration monitoring

Larsen Piling offer a comprehensive vibration monitoring service using specially designed in house equipment.

The vibration monitors and alarms were designed, in conjunction with the manufacturer, to meet our exacting specifications ensuring ease of use and efficient setup and download.

The monitors give an on screen reading, which when, used in conjunction with our specific alarms, provide a setup and forget item. The alarm has both a visual and an extremely loud audible alert system, ensuring that when a pre-determined limit is exceeded, piling can be ceased immediately, before damage is caused.

All our crews carry vibration equipment to site, giving peace of mind to any neighbours who may have issues with vibration and also providing a cost effective method of allowing your job to progress with minimal delay.

Vibration monitoring is now often specified by engineers to current codes.

There are two accepted limits for piling

With our bespoke alarmed vibration monitoring equipment we are ideally suited to carry out this type of work and ensure minimal disturbance to existing structures. Approximately 20% of all our piling contracts are carried out with an imposed vibration limit of 5mm/s PPV, which is the standard accepted listed building threshold.

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