Ductile Piling-Railway bridge in Lisburn, AntrimLow vibration ductile iron piling at M1, Westlink, BelfastBarnhault Bridge, mini piling works featured in the Structural Engineer magazineLow vibration ductile piling at A&E facility, Newry


Public Infrastructure –Larsen Piling install piles for projects involving many public bodies and local authorities throughout Ireland, for example:

Our installation speed, ability to solve problems without fuss but with practical solutions, restricted access nature and health & safety record ensures that projects are carried out both safely and efficiently keeping downtime to essential services at a minimum. As the leading installer of mini piles in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, Larsen have assisted with the development of many new and redeveloped structures and buildings, examples of which are:

Piling can be used as an alternative to traditional foundations where ground conditions, existing services or access issues make standard methods impractical. Should you need to pile a site we have several options which may be suited to your site's parcticular requirements, from our Ductile Cast Iron piling to our Mini or Screw Piling rigs.

Reason's To Consider Piling

Suitable Piling Systems

Grouted Ductile Cast Iron

Ductile Cast Iron

Mini Piling

Helical Screw Piling