Larsen are approved installers for the Helifix crack repair system to address commonly occurring structural faults.

Larsen staff have attended Helifix training courses on the correct methods for installing products and have their work assessed before they were officially approved.

Often Larsen will be the company that undertakes the structural assessment of your property and, following the submission of detailed information to Helifix’s engineers, they will undertake the repairs designed to specifically overcome your home’s particular structural faults.

High standards are maintained throughout and all Approved Installers can offer 10 year insurance-backed warranties for the quality of their workmanship. For your peace of mind, designed repairs are covered under Helifix’s professional indemnity insurance while our Approved Installers can offer 10 year insurance-backed warranties for all crack repair work undertaken.

Larsen are delighted to partner with Helifix as they areat the forefront of technical innovation in the design and manufacture of construction ties, fixings and sustainable masonry repair systems, with concealed non-disruptive installation techniques, building an enviable reputation for product quality, engineering excellence and comprehensive customer service and support.