A zero vibration underpinning technique. This system can include lifting brackets to enable settled buildings to be returned to their original line and level. (Up to 30T)

We are delighted to introduce to Ireland an innovative new piling system.

Installed under exclusive all Ireland licence from Chance.

Chance.  Down. Right. Solid.


Why Screw Pile?

  • When a zero vibration solution is required
  • When a tension load is required
  • When lifting a settled or damaged building is necessary
  • Unsuitable ground conditions for standard foundations
  • Risk of undermining or damaging existing services and/or foundations
  • Restricted access for piling equipment
  • Low headroom situation
  • Eliminates fumes in confined areas, if using a remote powered rig
  • Minimal noise levels
  • Minimal disruption
  • Ideal for small to medium sized jobs
  • Upgrading foundations/floors for increased loadings
  • No spoil created
  • Installed with compact or handheld equipment.

In tension only applications, the steel anchors alone provide the needed performance. Only when compression loads are required, do Chance anchors and grout need to be combined.

Screw Piles are composite end-bearing/friction piles well suited for resistance to compression of tension loads, in poor soil conditions by transferring load to to high end bearing capacity helical plates. It consists of a steel anchor with a 100 to 250mm grout column around the shaft above the helical plates. Design is specified per application and may consist of Type SS, Type HS or their combination.

Displacement plates added at extension joints form a void which pulls the grout from the grout reservoir to form a grout column surrounding the anchors stem as anchor is torqued into the soil.

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