Ultra low vibration, spoiless friction piles. A potential alternative to CFA. (Up to 100T)

Installed in in cooperation with Bauer Spezialtiefbau.

Bauer Spezialtiefbau www.bauer.de

Why Use Grouted Ductile Cast Iron Piling

  • No spoil created
  • Ultra low vibration system
  • Improves ground as it is driven
  • Rig is ideal for very soft ground condition being small and light weight
  • Piles can be driven within 500mm of existing structures
  • Minimise cost by reducing or eliminating hardcore base for small highly stable piling plant
  • Self proving on installation
  • Foundations can be excavated first, so no digging around piles
  • Rig can reach pile locations up to 4.5m away and at different levels
  • Ideal for restricted access sites
  • Pile loads up to 100 tonnes
  • Fast installation
  • Piles are manufactured to demanding
  • Austrian standards with high quality control procedures
  • No waste on pile lengths
  • Raking piles easily installed

Why Use Larsen Piling

Cost effective & efficient installation of piles by fully certified Piling Operatives to latest codes and standards

  • Minimum access width: 2.9m
  • Low vibration solutions
  • Full complement of rigs for most situations
  • Fast and efficient friendly service
  • Operating throughout Ireland, both North & South

The pile is significantly smaller in diameter than a similar capacity CFA pile, as such there is less new material used in the construction of the pile and a minimal amount of concrete used in the pile forming process. This is becoming more important to clients who want to make as small an impact on the environment as possible.

For more information contact your local Larsen office.