An ultra low vibration piling system. Installed using a compact, low weight piling rig with a reach of up to 4m to pile location. (Up to 100T)

Installed in cooperation with Bauer Spezialtiefbau.

Bauer Spezialtiefbau

Why Use Ductile Cast Iron Piling

  • Ultra low vibration system
  • Piles can be driven within 500mm of existing structures
  • Minimise cost by reducing or eliminating hardcore base for small highly stable piling plant
  • Foundations can be excavated first, so no digging around piles
  • Rig can reach pile locations up to 4.5m away and at different levels
  • Ideal for restricted access sites
  • No spoil created
  • Rig is ideal for very soft ground conditions being small and light weight
  • Pile loads up to 100 tonnes
  • Fast installation
  • Self proving on installation
  • Piles are manufactured to demanding Austrian standards with high quality control procedures
  • No waste on pile lengths
  • Raking piles easily installed

Why Use Larsen Piling

Cost effective & efficient installation of piles by fully certified Piling Operatives to latest codes and standards

  • Minimum access width: 2.9m
  • Low vibration solutions
  • Full complement of rigs for most situations
  • Fast and efficient friendly service
  • Operating throughout Ireland, both North & South

For more information contact your local Larsen office.