Air driven piling system with no piling rig. For use in very restricted sites or for very light loads. (Up to 10T)

Mini Piled Foundations for Conservatories, Sun Lounges & Single Room Extensions

Why Mini Pile?

When suitable standard foundations are not suitable:-

  • Unsuitable ground conditions for standard foundations
  • High cost of spoil removal
  • Risk of undermining existing foundations or services

Service Provided by Larsen Foundations

Cost effective installation of piled foundations for conservatories, sun lounges & single room extensions to engineer approved designs.


  • Fast and efficient service, typically 2-3 days
  • Competitively priced product
  • Complies with Building Control Regulations
  • Wheelbarrow access is all that's required
  • Minimal lawn and path disturbance
  • After foundation is completed, normal construction methods can be employed to finish your extension

Click on the pictures (to the left) to see how our Grundomat Piling System enables the construction of your conservatory or sunroom.

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